ACN Scam Revealed In This Business Review

ACN Scam

ACN Scam

Doing your research online to find out more about ACN and if there is an ACN Scam?

Like many you are doing your due diligence to see if ACN is a legit company and a true opportunity to make a real income.

Let’s take a deeper look into ACN and my unbiased review of the company.

Plus learn about the #1 problem that you will face as an ACN representative/IBO for the company.

ACN Scam- What Is ACN?

ACN (American Communications Network) is known for being the world’s largest direct marketing telecommunications company.

Founded in 1993, ACN was the vision of four entrepreneurs – Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz.

These Co-Founders had countless years of direct sales experience between them, but were dissatisfied with other companies and job opportunities they had encountered.

They realized that the only way to find a company they wanted to be a part of was to create that company.

ACN Scam – Is It True?

ACN is a BBB accredited business and it has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, this can not be manipulated, spent for or purchased in any way. The BBB is the premier regulatory authority of grievances against companies by customers and their stability is unchallengeable. So is the ACN Scam true? Keep reading.

ACN is endorsed by Donald Trump, creator of The Trump Network. With Donald Trump’s appeal and track record in the business world, I can’t see him ever connecting himself with anything but 100% legit and legal in business.

ACN is successfully partnered with various other large telecom service providers Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Dish Network, and Direct TELEVISION.

This is good for 2 reasons, the first being consumers are likely to be getting a top notch service. Second of all I very much question these business would want to be seen to be connecting with something that was a ‘rip-off’.

Nevertheless it’s a typical issue in the network marketing market; these chances are typically marketed in such a way that seems to guarantee easy, fast wealth to anyone who just signs up or gets started.

Many individuals will purchase on the spontaneous of fast wealth only to learn 2 or 3 months down the line that the dream they were sold hasn’t materialized.

There can be a number of reasons for this, perhaps they didn’t put in the effort required, or maybe didn’t even get the training they needed.

The truth is that the majority of individuals in network marketing or multi level marketing do not make any money or don’t have any success in the industry. (however more should!).

This is the main reason why ACN and the network marketing industry is called a scam or pyramid scheme.

So is there an ACN Scam? No there is not. The company is legit as it’s BBB accredited and offers a product/service to consumers and it’s IBO’s.

ACN Scam – #1 Problem With ACN

When you sign up with ACN as an IBO you can sell their services to yourself or other companies and make profit off their bill they pay each month.

The only problem is that you have to convince someone to switch over to a different company or cancel their existing companies just to sign up.

The company works in stages. You won’t make money unless you get people under you.
You have to sell 7 services and have at least 2 people under you in order to make money.
Now what if you sell 10 services and have 1 person under you.
You won’t make any income off until you get your second person. Stupid!

It’s a tough business and requires some real determination and effort. For a lot of people their main problem is getting enough people to talk to about their opportunity.

Network Marketing is definitely a numbers game; you will go through a lot of ‘no’s’ before you get to a ‘yes’.

Particularly with traditional marketing methods it can be difficult to generate enough leads. It’s a HUGE problem that 97% of people struggle with in their ACN home business.

ACN Scam – How To Build A Successful Business

If you are 100% serious about building your ACN business or any network marketing business, it is CRUCIAL that you have a business plan with a highly targeted marketing strategy to help you get 10-20+ leads  a day for your business.

Let’s face it… If you are not creating traffic, capturing leads, and converting sales/sign ups, you will FAIL in your ACN business.

So you might be asking yourself, “How can I create traffic, capture 10-20+ leads a day, and convert sales/sign ups for my business?”

Get your hands on the #1 Attraction Marketing & Business Building System in the world.

It is helping anyone and everyone to reach success in their ACN business.

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NOW,  that's funny! I just started ACN 3 months ago, Got 5 wireless customers, and now my cell service for life is free. I was paying $960/year, now does it make sense to join ACN just for free cell service for life? that's what makes sense to me, getting $960 free every year for my original investment of $499 with no tax. HMMMM.


Totally agree with lairent. Its so true.


Oh wow 499 to have my own business, nah I think ill buy the new galaxy 5 its nearly $600 but hey, I need a new phone

Nathan Argenta
Nathan Argenta moderator

@lairent Haha good point. People would rather have the best and newest smart phone, tablet, etc. But they won't put money towards something that could financially benefit them and their families financial future!


Most of yall on here complaining about the 499 where u spent 1000's of dollars to go to school and work for someone else, and in debt before you even work.. hmm work and have my own business 499 or work go to college be in loan debt and make someone else rich and in 40 yrs I can retire..

Nathan Argenta
Nathan Argenta moderator

@lairent I agree! What people fail to understand here is that $500 is an investment you can make in a home/online business. It's something you can do on the side of your full-time job. The benefits also make it a NO BRAINER decision (tax benefits and write-offs/deductions, etc. that save people on average $300-$400 per month) If you are really worried about your financial situation or want to be more financially secure... Having a home business is a great decision! Find one you can be passionate about, love the products/services, and just run with it!


@Nathan Argenta @lairent 
I have the money to put into this without a problem. But like many other people that are say 40ish have seen all the other places that have said send me $59 and i will send you all the books you need to start making money, BIG MONEY!!
You spend the $59 get the books or go to some long boring marketing meeting to decide that it's really not something you want to do..
$59 down the drain.
Only thing is this one is a very high $500. If you want or need people to get involved here is a little hint, You already make most likely Millions off all the pee ons that did get involved with this MAKE IT FREE to join and if they start making money that you will take say 10% of what they make till the $500 is paid.
Just a thought. 


I almost joined ACN a couple of months ago. It is a great opportunity no doubt about it. People are making money for sure. But the cost to get started is ridiculous. $500?!! Most people don't have 500 dollars just laying around to start this. And like you said, the convincing part is tedious and non attractive. With other businesses like WUN and EN, its different because you aren't calling people and begging them to switch companies. Most people don't care to do that. Generating leads in ACN will obviously be a pain.

Nathan Argenta
Nathan Argenta moderator

@deenjr8956 ACN is a credible company with some awesome leadership. But I couldn't agree more with you man. $500 to start out is a lot for people. And that's right, with our team and what we do, there is no begging for someone to switch companies. It's simply just start using the services, products, system, and being apart of the awesome community of people :-)

Generating leads in any network marketing business is tough and the reason why 97% of people aren't successful in the industry. That's why I recommend that everyone clicks the link in my blog article above and watch the free video revealing how to get more traffic, leads, and sign-ups for their business! 


@deenjr8956  Sorry but have to disagree, $499.00 to be exact isnt much to start a business. You can make a quick start bonus of $2500.00 your first month like I am this month. If you don't have $499.00 saved up you have issues anyway and a business isn't for you, but I hear There are some jobs opening up at 7-11 down the street. 


Yeah right you made $2500 bonus I heard it before.