The First Step To Success In Network Marketing

the first step to successOne of the most important tips I can share with you is the very first step to success in the network marketing industry!

So many people are struggling to achieve success and produce any results in their home business.

They are lost on what they should be doing and often wonder how to achieve success in this tough, yet very rewarding industry.

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Your DMO = The First Step To Success

While there are a lot of steps that ultimately lead towards your success in any industry or profession, the most important step I can give you is the one you CAN’T go without.

The most important first step to success in the network marketing industry is your Daily Method Of Operation (DMO).

Being consistent with your daily method of operation produces results in your business, PERIOD. My success was a direct reflection (and still is today) of me consistently prospecting, marketing, studying, affirming, etc. I was so consistent for days, weeks, and months before I created any level of real success in my business.

You need to understand that producing results, achieving success and making more money in your business, is a result from your prior actions repeated overtime.

A lot of people ask me, “How do I make more money?” The question really should be, “What actions should I be taking? How do I implement different life changing daily habits ?”

Let me ask you… Have you achieve the results you want in your business? Honestly look at your results… Because your results came because of your actions and daily habits. If you don’t have good relationships, if you don’t have money in the bank, if you are not in positive cash flow in your business, that means your habits are lacking and you need to start taking some massive action!

Understand my friend that taking action and daily habits come before the results. Implementing a Daily Method of Operation will help you take action, produce results, and make you money in your business.

Daily Method Of Operation (DMO)

  1. Create one piece of content each day. This could be an article, video or a blog. Take that content and share it on social media and with SocialAdr.
  2. Spend 30 minutes per day on sales and marketing training. If you want recommendations on books or resources, just comment below.
  3. Spend 30 minutes per day on personal development and mindset training. If you want recommendations on network marketing books or resources, just comment below (if you THINK you do not need motivation, just look at your results)
  4. Write affirmations everyday (to learn a unique way to do these, watch my webinar with Noah St John)
  5. Meditate everyday. Clear that mind, focus on your breathing and let the thoughts come and go, I would suggest starting with 15 mins per day.
  6. Most Important: Make 3-5 new connections (build relationships – do not pitch) with other people each day, wether online or offline.

Your daily method of operation = success!

If you don’t have a good morning routine or daily method of operation, feel free to check out the article I wrote previous on a simple 4 steps daily method of operation.

Simple 4 Step Daily Method of Operation



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