Tecademics Review – Tecademics Scam Or Legit?

Hi, Nathan Argenta here and welcome to my Tecademics Review!

Chances are someone approached you on social media, you were referred to the companies training products, or you were emailed by some marketer about the business opportunity (ability to earn money as an Tecademics affiliate).

And now you are here to make sure it’s actually 100% legit right (and not a Tecademics scam)?

The good news is you are smart by doing your research and due diligence instead of blindly jumping into it…

In my Tecademics review article, you will learn more about the company, it’s products and compensation plan (for affiliates) so you can make the best and most informed decision.

Continue reading to see if Tecadmics is a good fit for you or not…

tecademics review

Tecademics review

Tecademics Review – What Is Tecademics?

Tecademics is a company that specializes in the college education/internet marketing/network marketing niche (I know strange combination), that was launched by CEO Chris Record this year.

Tecademics deploys a unique approach to education. Our proprietary Systematic PathProcess (SPP)™ is the gateway to a complete accelerated learning solution for our students. The three unique and individual career paths within the SPP family send the Tecademics student along very specific, personal, income-focused paths that end with achieving goal-oriented results.
All paths within the SPP family include education that will teach the Tecademics student the specific internet marketing skills required to perform and compete at a high level in the internet marketing industry.  
Each path deploys an additional tactical curriculum designed to empower students with a significant advantage over other individuals seeking similar opportunities. These tactical skills are the missing link in other systems and give Tecademics graduates an almost unfair advantage over their competition.
The key to the TecAdemics accelerated learning process is a combined courseware set protocol designed to produce extraordinary results in a very short period of time. Appropriately, our accelerated learning process is called F.A.S.T.™ (Foundations, Applications, Skills and Tactics)

Tecademics Reviews – The Product Line

In a nutshell, Tecademics offers a college course type of education that you can promote to students, entrepreneurs, business owners, or other affiliates.

These are the following Tecademic products in a nut shell:

  • TEC (The Entrepreneurs Club | $100 a month) – “a 100% online learning experience designed for beginners who want to learn more about internet marketing”, costs $100 a month
  • Impact ($2000) – a “home-study course you can think of as the “Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing””
  • Masters ($10,000) – “one-time tuition fee for our TecAdemics, College of Internet Marketing, includes 120 credit hours and allows for 2 people to attend”

Tecademics Products & Membership Levels

tecademics membership levels

tecademics membership levels


The TEC membership level to me is similar to another membership for entrepreneurs and those wanting to learn more about online marketing strategies to grow their business…. However this one also offers a back end system and tools/resources to help you brand YOU and capture more leads for any business. It’s called My Lead System Pro (MLSP for short).

Regarding Tecademics, I personally haven’t purchased any of their products so I can’t give my feedback, but if it’s anything like Chris Records (CEO of Tecademics) previous products and training courses on online marketing, it should of incredible value for your education and your career or business growth!

Tecademics Compensation Plan

The Tecademics compensation plan pays affiliates that sell the products to customers and other affiliates.

The way it works is each product is treated as a seperate tier in the comp plan and every affiliate must qualify for them by either buying it themselves, or selling the products to a customer.

You then can get paid up to 40% commissions on the products which looks like this:

  • $40 per month for a TEC membership
  • $800 for IMPACT
  • $4000 for MASTERS

Now there is a weird catch…

Once you sell your first set of products at 40%, the next two you split the 40% between you and your upline.

In other words, you get 20% and your upline gets 20% commissions.

Once you make at least three sales on any tier, you can get 40% commissions on the next four sales.

Every fifth sale then is a split again between you and your upline.

This goes back and forth…

Here is a Tecademics Affiliate Compensation Plan recap so you understand this better:

  • First sale on any tier is an activation sale (40% commission paid to upline)
  • Second and third sales split 40% half and half between affiliate and upline
  • Next four sales pay out 40% commission to the affiliate
  • The fifth and every fifth sale thereafter is split 40% half and half between affiliate and upline

PLUS Tecademics offers a Matching Bonus – See details below on how to qualify

To qualify for this matching bonus, you must hit the following earnings within 36 months:

When you first hit $100,000 in commissions, you earn a 100% match and receive another $100,000 on top.

When you first hit $1,000,000 in commissions, you earn a 100% match and receive another $1000,000 on top.

Just remember, you must hit these income numbers within 36 months to qualify…

Tecademics Review – The Final Verdict

Overall if Chris Records Tecademics is anything like his previous content, products/courses, etc. I think it’s safe to say Tecadamics is 100% legit and credible company to learn online marketing education.

I personally haven’t gone through any the material so I can’t judge…

But his reputation for being a great marketer and great content provider can’t be unnoticed.

Now having that said…

This is a Top Tier program and it’s one of the less paying ones overall…

All of the good top tier programs have a one on one business coach and a sales team to close those big sales for you…

In Tecademics, that won’t be the case…

You will have to close your own sales…

Now I know there are webinars and training’s, but it’s just easier when you have sales team to close your sales and you just focus on driving more traffic…

That is the only down side.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Tecademics review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

Your online mentor,

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