TruVision Health Review – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

TruVision Health Review

TruVision Health Review

Most likely you were doing some research online looking for a TruVision Health review, or maybe you just wanted to check out that facts behind the health/wellness company to see if it’s products or business opportunity makes it a TruVision Health scam or not.

Either way I’m going to give you a full run down in my TruVision review so you know the facts and the truth behind the company, as well as reveal the #1 Problem that faces TruVision Health associate.

After reading my review article, you will have a better understanding of the company, the business model, and how to build a successful business if you decide to get started/join as a associate.

Continue reading below… I hope you enjoy my TruVision Health review!

TruVision Health Review | What Is TruVision?

TruVision Health is health and nutrition company that encourages people to live healthier lives by offering proper nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle. Our products are available exclusively through TruVision Health Associates around the globe.

TruVision’s mission is to provide the highest quality products for health and weight management on the market and help people to change their lives through the culture and the business opportunity (as a TruVision Health associate).

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TruVision Health Compensation Plan

TruVision Health offers multiple ways for you to earn income with the compensation plan.

Retail Difference: TruVision Health pays the difference between the Retail Price and the Associate Price to the direct upline Associate. This commission can be earned either by the “try now” replicated site or through the standard retail signup process (Ex. $25 – $12 = $13 commission earned)

Fast Start: This bonus is designed to help Associates earn back back their initial investment. This bonus pays out in the sponsorship tree to the first 4 upline qualified Associates with at least 100 QV in the current and or previous month.

Global Bonus: This is a global bonus pool based on 3% of total worldwide commissionable volume. The table below indicates how shares of the pool are allocated. This bonus is reserved for those who achieve the top levels of the compensation plan.

Matching Check: Matching check bonuses are a way to encourage leadership and teamwork in an organization. TruVision Health’s Matching Bonus is a 10% match on all personally enrolled Associates that generate a unilevel commission check. Many companies offer this bonus for their highest ranks. At TruVision Health, we pay this from day one.

UniLevel: All purchases that carry “Product Volume or PV will generate commissions for TruVision associates, given the volume is on a level upon which the associate is qualified to receive commissions.

Want a better understanding? Watch the TruVision Health Compensation plan video below.


Access the PDF version of TruVision Health compensation plan here: TruVision Health Compensation Plan PDF


TruVision Health Review – #1 Problem Facing TruVision Associates

I mainly created this TruVision Health review for individuals checking into the company because of their interest in wanting to join.

The truth is, the majority of TruVision associates will NEVER see the success they were hoping or expected to receive. The reason for that is because they don’t know how to build a REAL long term and profitable business.

The #1 Problem facing ALL TruVision Health associates is their lack of generating new leads and prospects for the business. Just like any business, you need fresh target leads and interested prospects every single day.

Without leads you can’t make any money, and without money you can’t build a successful and profitable business. PERIOD!

Do you want to learn how YOU can get MORE leads, sign up MORE agents, and make MORE money in your TruVision Health business… Watch The Video Below!


MLSP Sign Up University Sales Video


I hope you found my TruVision Health review article helpful. If you did please comment below with what helped you out the most, along with “Like” and share with others to help them see if the company is a good fit for them!

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