Amway Scam Or Not? Review Exposes Amway Global

Are you looking online and doing your due diligence by doing some research to find out more about the Amway Scam?


Amway Scam

You are most likely here for two reasons and two reasons only. You were either introduced to Amway by a friend, family member, or maybe seen it featured online.

Secondly, you are already currently involved with Amway as an IBO or distributor.

Either way you are here at the perfect time because I am going to be shedding some light on Amway, if the “Amway Scam” is true, my past experience as an Amway IBO (why I failed), and #1 problem of why 97% of Amway IBO’s fail in the business.

Amway Scam – What Is Amway?

Amway is an American direct sales/network marketing company that sells a variety of products, primarily in the health, beauty, and home care markets to consumers and independent business owners.

Amway was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Based in Ada, Michigan, the company and family of companies under Alticor reported sales of USD$11.3 billion for the year ended December 31, 2012 – the seventh consecutive year of growth for the company.

Amway’s product lines include home care products, personal care products, jewelry, electronics, Nutrilite dietary supplements, water purifiers, air purifiers, insurance and cosmetics. Amway conducts business through a number of affiliated companies in more than a hundred countries and territories around the world.

Amway was ranked No.114 among the largest global retailers by Deloitte in 2006, and No.25 among the largest private companies in the U.S. by Forbes in 2012. Amway is also ranked as the No. 2 direct sales companies in overall business growth and sales.

So is Amway Scam still true? Let’s find out…

Amway Review – Is The Amway Scam True?

Is Amway A Scam? Amway is not a scam. Amway is a legit company and its business model is around referral based marketing (mlm/direct sales industry) instead of paying for advertising, billboards, tv commercials, etc. They pay their IBO’s or distributors a small commissions for helping them get the word out and when someone buys product from that IBO.

The reason you may be thinking that its a scam or pyramid scheme is because you have heard of someone that didn’t make money with the company or that you don’t want to lose money. The scam allegations come about from IBO’s who don’t find any success with their business. Now keep in mind.

The majority of Amway IBO’s have no skills or knowledge of how to run a successful business. So they don’t know anything about recruiting, sponsoring, closing, attraction marketing, generating leads, and building a profitable business.

This leads to them thinking Amway is a scam or previous reps end up giving the company a bad reputation because they say the Amway scam is true… Which it is not!

Can you really make money with Amway though? The answer is YES, but you need a game plan and marketing strategy in order to generate traffic, leads, close sales, and grow your business/team of customers and IBO’s.

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Amway Scam – Why I Failed…

Just like 97% of the direct sales and network marketing representatives, I earned now money with Amway. Did I make a sale or two? Yes I did, but I also paid for my product or monthly auto-ship to keep my business center and account active and eligble to earn commissions. So therefore I basically broke even and didn’t make an income with Amway Global. I too was blaming the company and was calling it an Amway Scam.

The truth and reality of it is that I had no idea how to run a business efficiently and effectively. I was a college freshmen, back in 2006, when I first got started with Amway as an IBO, and boy was I excited.

I joined because I wanted to make more money while in college/school because lets face it, I was a broke college student.

However, I did what my upline and sponsor told me to do… Make a list of friends, family, etc. Talk to them about the products, business opportunity, and invite them to a presentation/meeting or get them on a 3 way call. I got sick and tired of feeling like I was hassling my friends and family, was frustrated and didn’t want to chase them around anymore and begging people (even strangers) to buy products from me or join my business/team.

Sound familiar?

Amway Scam – #1 Problem Facing Amway IBO’s

If you are currently in Amway and you are struggling with your business you are most likely facing the #1 problem that all representatives in Amway and in this industry as a whole face, which is the inability to generate target leads for their business. You might be even thinking yourself, is this an Amway Scam?

When I got started with Amway Global back in 2006, like you, I too though at first it was a scam or pyramid scheme. But than I decided just to take the dive because it was working for others. I was told by my upline to build or make a list of all my friends, family members, etc and contact them to sell products and present to them the business opportunity. And if possible, schedule a home event or get them to a local hotel meeting, on a 3 way call, or attend a live webinar presentation.

While this marketing strategies are great, and yes that does work at times, but the conversion rates are very low. And lets face it…is it working for you? No. Do you like chasing around or harrasing your friends, family, and even strangers to join your business or buy you Amway’s products? People who call your business an Amway Scam? No. Is it fun? HECK NO lol

No one likes doing that. The major problem is that you trying to talk with people who have no interest in what you are offering. You need to learn how to implement an attraction marketing system to ATTRACT the right buyers and business opportunity seekers. These are people that are already currently looking for what you have to offer. So they are more targeted and more likely to join your team or buy products from you.

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One of my best friends (whom I've known since the 3rd grade) has become a Amway IBO. He and I are very close, however we have different interests. He invited me over one night to participate in a meeting and I agreed. After the 2 hour long meeting, I knew that this was a scam to make money off of him. I tried to tell him and convince him that Amway will just make money off of his hopefulness by selling him hope (making him buy motivational tapes). No doubt I love the guy, but damn his pride. He's a very committed guy and great at whatever he chooses to do. 

Apparently the lesson they are currently teaching him is to not affiliate with those who are not interested in Amway (myself and numerous other friends). So it sounds like Amway is not only trying to take over his life, money, and hope but now they are trying to have him stay away from his friends. Even true friends.

Well Amway... I want you to know that even though your system may be very manipulative, you won't be able to mess with me and my friends. You can try all you want to tell my best friend to forget his friends, but you won't have the control to tell his friends and tell them to stay away from your loyal IBO. I hope you burn in hell for being responsible for ruining other powerful friendships due to your greediness. It's never going to work on me or my best friend. I'm an electrical engineer who'll do my best to provide him 20 times better advise than you'll ever give him. So go ahead and try to tell him different, I don't mind handling a challenge.


Thank you for sharing your experience with Amway. They have definitely impacted the world. I like learning from people's experiences like yours. Thanks for sharing!


havent started yet but i dont trust it so im most likely gonna deny my recruiters this saturday... to have to buy into the company is BS in itself 


@TonyGonzalez1 Good work, don't trust any multilevel marketing scam (MLM) All of them conceal the 99%+ loss rate that consumers are bound to face due to the impossible math of a pyramid scheme. It's not opinion, all MLM companies carry an investment loss rate greater than 99%. Companies like Amway, Herbalife, Monavie, USANA, NuSkin, Veema, Xango and a few hundred others, all scam you by implying you can earn extra income by buying into the companies products, and then recruiting new participants who sell and recruit for you in something they call a "downline."

These businesses sell the hope of getting rich by recruiting recruiters to sell overpriced products that don't move in real markets. The products of any MLM have to be extremely cheap to manufacture and must retail at inflated, unrealistic prices because in effect, the products are simply used to move money into the pyramid scheme. Just remember that there are several hundred MLMs in existence in 2014 and all of them are scams.


I was in, my upline made diamond in 1983, and has not progressed since, even though he's been at it for over 40 years. He had to go out in the real world and get  a job with all the "losers" after all those years. John and Maureen Minaudo of Charleston, SC. Look 'em up, ask them about their PV!


@keneddies idiot!...if they went diamond, they dont need a job. Diamond is at least $400,000 a year without bonuses. You're either lying or they quit. Thats still more than what you make in 5 years probably.


@keneddies If they went diamond they should be making at least $400,000. Them going back to get a job is either a lie you just made up or they quit. Stop hating on amway, you're probably one of the broke ones.


Lmao i like how these amway fanboys are calling people that have real jobs broke lol 99% fail rate.. Dont use that excuse that people don't put in the work, I can put in 100% effort to sell dogshit, but I wont make anything cuz its still dogshit. You are ignoring the 99% fail rate and apparently ignoring the 100% success rate if you get a real job. I heard someone saying you aren't bound to the 9-5 chains in amway . As a Real business owner and many real business owners know that in owning a Real business u wish u had that 9-5 and thats it. Owning a real business is 24/7. So pull ur heads out of ur asses


@ShariffDuruGordon @keneddies 

I was a very broke Ambot, in debt up to my ears, but I've recovered now, and everything is much better. Open you eyes and your mind and do some diligent research, if you can torture your brainwashed self to spend some time thinking NEGATIVE for a moment or two. 


We also were in business in Amway and we DID make money.  We worked hard and earned it.  BUT, as with any business, especially a direct marketing, we had uplines (the people above us) who were cheats and liars and only wanted money for themselves, not others.  They in effect, stopped us at a certain level from making anymore money.  We changed to a different group, but by then our dynamic was gone and we couldn't do much.  As with any business, NOT just Amway, you have to deal with people.  And THAT is the problem.  My husband got tired of fighting and not getting anywhere and he quit.  I am still in it because, let's face it, the products ARE the BEST.  We started sometime around 1986.  We met some fantastic people, we had the time of our lives, and it WAS our life.  I missed it terribly, and I still miss alot of those people.  But through it, we came away with MANY many good things learned, and still do have some very close friends from it.  My upline now is my VERY best friend in the world, more like a sister.  We are older now and have plenty of money for ourselves, so our interest is not in making money at this point, but simply living our wonderful lives now.  If you are out to make money, you CAN do it in Amway.  But the right way is the way to do it.  Don't cheat, be good to your people, and really believe in what you have and what you can do.

I was very glad to see this site from Nathan, because this is the real story.  Unfortunately people lie cheat and steal in every area of life and this is no different. Just be aware. And as we didn't do, don't be afraid to go all the way upline if your immediate sponsor isn't helping you.  We should have, but didn't. 

Give it a try and if nothing else you may meet lifelong friends through it. 

Nathan Argenta
Nathan Argenta moderator

@sharm6420 Great points here. Thank you for sharing your story and experience. And are you still involved as an IBO with Amway or no?

And I agree... Nothing to lose and you get a chance to improve your mindset, personal development, and meet some great people and make new friends :-)


@sharm6420 You used a lot of capital words. Sounds like you are yelling or trying way to hard to prove a point. Sorry. 


They didn't use that many capitals at all, and that was kinda rude. But, I suppose I'd have to agree actually after reading their comment a bit more.